Friday Presentations, Group 3!

We were asked to give a Pecha Kucha presentation, for those of you who are unaware what Pecha Kucha means: it is a Japanese form of presentation, basically there are 20 slides on a timer each slide lasts only 20 seconds. In order to give the presentation you had to know what you were talking about and stay in sync with the images relating to what you were explaining. It sounds terrible and like something that could easily go so very wrong but surprisingly we had loads of fun doing it! I really enjoyed the style of presentation, sometimes when doing public speaking each slide can drag on and cause the audience to lose interest, with each slide being on timer this problem was eliminated. Of course there were a few pauses of silence between some groups slides but they were filled with light-hearted humour which made the experience that more enjoyable! What seemed to be the dreaded friday presentation was in fact a quick chat among our peers with a microphone included!