The Personality Test

For our thursday lectures we have been asked to read “Snoop” by Sam Gosling. The book discusses how your personality can be shown through your objects, materials and daily possessions. Looking around someones bedroom, office or personal space may give more information about that person than a 10 minute face to face chat. The author explains how some material objects on display can reveal snippets about a persons morals to political views. Our everyday “stuff” can give out lots of information about us without us even realising it. The book talks about “The big 5 personality test”. You can do it online I decided to take this test to see if it was an accurate representation of what I think my personality may be, good or bad here are my results…

What aspects of personality does this tell me about?

There has been much research on how people describe others, and five major dimensions of human personality have been found. They are often referred to as the OCEAN model of personality, because of the acronym from the names of the five dimensions.

Openness to Experience/Intellect

High scorers tend to be original, creative, curious, complex; Low scorers tend to be conventional, down to earth, narrow interests, uncreative.

You enjoy having novel experiences and seeing things in new ways.

(Your percentile: 84)


High scorers tend to be reliable, well-organized, self-disciplined, careful; Low scorers tend to be disorganized, undependable and negligent.

You are well-organized, and are reliable.

(Your percentile: 64)


High scorers tend to be sociable, friendly, fun-loving, talkative; Low scorers tend to be introverted, reserved, inhibited, quiet.

You are relatively social and enjoy the company of others.

(Your percentile: 79)


High scorers tend to be good-natured, sympathetic, forgiving, courteous; Low scorers tend to be critical, rude, harsh, callous.

You find it easy to express irritation with others.

(Your percentile: 32)


High scorers tend to be nervous, high-strung, insecure, worrying; Low scorers tend to be calm, relaxed, secure, hardy.

You are a generally anxious person and tend to worry about things.

(Your percentile: 84)