Room Raiders – Assignment 1

The first workshop for 21st Century designer was related to the book we had been asked to read “Snoop“. Continuing with the theme of generating an idea of a person by “snooping” through their stuff we were asked to do some detective work ourselves. Over the christmas period we had to collect old photographs/ photos of our bedrooms or childhood photos. We were then placed in teams and asked to analyse other peoples images. We took notes on each persons photos to gather a sense of what they were like, with some guess work we were even able to match rooms to a particular person. The results were quite accurate when we met the other team, I found myself trying to pin point if my inklings were correct by looking at the other group. I tried to mentallly match people to the photographs I had just seen. I thought the task was very interesting and fun, I was however quite nervous about what my room would reveal about me to other people.  With permission, here are the rooms we had to investigate.

We described the rooms in quick key points

Photos 1

Modern, french bed, white room, female, some pink, punky edge, rock poster, butterfly light, My Chemical Romance, teenage room, teddies. keyboard in corner – musical, items on top show it may not be regularly used?

tv not in actual bedroom – not facing bed, modern desk and matching chair, tidy, art papers on the floor, fairy poster, fantasy element, wine on top – age range 18+, home

Photos 2

modern, organised, tidy, pengiun, artistic, folio, white sheets – clean person, hair irons, female, student accomodation

pink, girly,ornate, flower fairylights, organised, perfumes and deoderants, likes to smell nice? loves penguins, mirrors – takes care in apperance

Photos 3

grafitti, spray paint, florecent colours, pink, female, slightly tom boy, maniquin, photos, sociable, sentimental, storage- organised, irish flag, family photos

very femminine, audrey hepburn poster, pink, girly, vogue, fashion aware, tidy, beauty products, pride in apperance

Photos 4

social, cluttered, genuiune – food plate and mug not tidied for photo, out a lot, vodka 18+,  female, photos

white room, plain, bed unmade, flora duvet, shelfs full, laundry pile, chair covered  with clothes

photos 5

These photos were quite difficult as the location changed and they are of when this person is younger

family orientated, active – karate, sun loungers in background, hot weather, on holiday, lived abroad?

maybe lived on a farm, visited one? likes the outdoors, close to dad/male figure

photos 6

very big family, foreign, very organised, smalll space, loads of books, child thrown party, old photo?

very cluttered, vhs – back in time, loads of storage, ornaments in cabinet, childrens room, old computer, decoration

When we met up with the other team (team 6) we told them our suspicions and they were surprised. Some of our questions were answered and it caused the photographs to make more sense. For example the girl in photos 1, when we asked why her telveion wasnt facing her bed? (this was strange to us) she said if the cable was long enough it would be, we thought she might not watch tv all that much. When we asked the person from “photos 5” if they traveled a lot because her photos all seemed to be taken in sunny places, she then told us she grew up in Greece. Although our genaral assumptions did hold some true references some didnt and were easily explained proving we might get some ideas wrong.

When getting feedback about my own room, team 6 told me my room was very tidy (this I agree with, I am known as the housekeeper in my flat). They knew it was a girl from the make-up and jewellery, and general decoration. One girl knew it was specifically my room due to my photographs of my 4 dogs on my wall. I must talk about my dogs a lot! They were surprised by my electric guitar in the corner, im currently taking lessons and the bottle of vodka on my desk, I happened to be going out that night when the photo was taken, the vodka is not a regualr occurance! The inspection of my room wasnt as bad as I though it was going to be, it was strange allowing strangers see a glimpse into your personal space but I thought overall the task was interesting by showing you how other people lived.


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