Friday Lecture

Todays lecture was about the culture of design. The idea that design is not an object but infact people themselves. For example a phone is a design tool which connects people but it is the communication between caller A to caller B that is important. The phone is the facilitator, this helps me reminisce to my very first phone, a Nokia 32-10 all my friends had the 33-10 so already i was lagging behind on the style front. There were no applications on this mobile, i was lucky if it even had the famed pixalated game “snake”.

Since upgrading my phone over the years I now have an iPhone 3G. I have loads of applications, some which I use almost daily, like my dictionary (yes I am one of those people) to a language translator for when I want to show off to friends. I have found that I barely use my phone for well, phoning people. This was discussed in the lecture that objects can change their meaning over time, there was a time where I didn’t have a zombie booth or doodle jump on my phone an I somehow managed  to survive. I was also surprised to notice my irritation when my wi-fi doesn’t connect, I seem to be so used to fast technology that I get annoyed when my internet speed isn’t fast enough. Has progressive design turned me into this monster? I remember my first computer, I would turn it on half an hour in advanced to give it time to load. Now a days I have no patience at all now that I have been accustomed to the new fast paced way of modern communication. This agrees with the point brought up in the lecture that, objects lose their sense of importance when you become used to them.

Once  a products consumer life-cycle had peaked it, it needs revived and improved to help target these everyday annoyances that the modern consumer face. The iPad and iPhone for example, it wasn’t until i was settling down with my new 3G that I noticed a new iPhone 4 had come out. To my anger this new phone had a flash, a device which mine lacked. This was brought to my attention when my friend saw my iPhone for the first time, intrigued he inspected it with a critics eye. All I seemed to hear for the first five minutes were “ohs”,”uh huh” and “hmms”. Once his thorough check was completed, he shook his head and pointed to the camera and smugly stated “And the downfall of the iPhone”.

Adamant that I would not be pressured into this vicious cycle of upgrading I decided to take a stand, only to learn that my mother had purchased the brand new iPad. Better than the previous one because the pictures were more clear or something? Sure. Swiftly followed by my brother who flaunted his new iPhone 4s, the up-grades of this you ask? The “Siri” app (the voice has a name) something to do with talking to your phone and it replying back to you without any form of text needed, this I feel is slightly creepy. I got the last laugh when he eventually realised that no, Siri can’t understand his glaswegian accent. Scottish comedian Kevin Bridges caught on to this and added it to his stand up show.

We learned that:

Design is not the story

Design writes the story

Design changes the story

Design tells the story

Design is not the limit. It’s the start.

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