Vivienne Westwood shoes by Melissa

So recently I have been ranting about my love for Vivienne Westwoods brightly colours jelly shoes.  I have found myself vigorously searching the internet for places where I can buy the brighter colours every time I go online!

When I first saw these shows it was the prices tag that put me off, a whopping £120! However I am starting to convince myself that they may intact be worth it, I haven’t seen any other shoes quite like them. I love the heart detail on the peep toe.Westwoods other jelly shoe collections include skulls & crossbones, her famous orb logo and cherries as the detail on the peep toe. Oh and they are apparently scented too! I want a pair of each, One can only dream!

One thought on “Vivienne Westwood shoes by Melissa

  1. The Shiny Dot says:

    Hello! I love Melissa shoes and I kind of have a collection of Vivienne Westwood + Melissa shoes but not the Dragonhearts since the hearts (and also the skulls) were a bit too “out there” for me. You can actually buy the ones you posted through Amazon. Although, I think online stores usually charge more than the retail stores. But pretty much, the price of those shoes in your country is almost the same as mine. Like most VW + Melissa heels, they are basically built the same, very good balance, smells great (of course) and padded enough so walking or standing up for hours in these shoes wouldn’t really hurt much. It’s a good buy definitely. Hope you get a pair, or two, or all of them! 🙂

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