Advertising and Branding: Module Introduction

Yesterday was the introduction for my new module in Branding and Advertising. We had an introduction lecture into marketing to start us off, followed by what would be expected of us in the module. The whole idea of the world of advertising scared me at first, so many technical terms and formulas for success? How on earth would I be able to get to grips with any of them?

I thought the introduction was engaging and found myself being sucked into thinking fast paced and getting excited at the many possibilities that come with marketing a product. First we were told the basics, The meaning of a brand and what it means to you. A collection of functional and emotional values that together promise and experience. The intangibles; how the company position itself, expertise,culture,personality and positioning. The tangible’s; logos,packaging,premises, advertising,names uniforms and livery.

A BRAND is a promise. ADVERTISING is a way of communicating a promise.

When learning about the marketing ploys of companies and how they can rebrand themselves, I felt almost cheated as I had recently been whipped into the whirlpool that is Herbal Essences. I tried the shampoo products a while back and found they weren’t for my liking, with a new logo and a few years later I decided to give them a chance and now I am a loyal customer. Job done for the branding team! Shame on me!

We we told about how big companies sell an experience and not just a product. Once they have created this they can add more items to their lines that relate to successful products, for example Olay,

There is face day cream, night cream, eye cream, wrinkle cream,cream for sensitive skin, SPF, oily skin, dry skin,circles under eyes, face serum, facial cleanser, toner and moistuiser (three in the one go! always bought together and in that order may I add. God forbid if you only buy a cleanser!). Loads more to mention, oh and here’s some for men..

The advert promoting the mens product in Thailand has a man participating in extreme water skiing just incase anyone tries to say men using moisturiser is feminine. Plus he gets the girls at the end, which bring me onto my next topic.

While watching tv I recently saw this advert for mens hair gel, the main jist of the advert is that the guy can’t get the girl with his existing hair style. To do something about this dilemma he must purchase Axe hair gel. While watching this advert I realised I have seen this pitch so many times. Men using products to ultimately get the girl. This tactic of selling to the target market must work if used so frequently. The brand is pitched at younger men ages about 15-30, therefore the advert is relatable to the younger audience.

Here is another advert, for Dove deodorant for men. Aimed at a male market also but a different age group. The difference in the advertising is clear, it is made to appeal to a certain older man. Theres no time for girls falling from the sky in this mans life, he’s far too busy!

These moves made by the marketing and branding can allow a product to expand from genders to generation with a simple change of logo and advert suited to the target buyer. Now that I am learning the tricks of the trade I will be keeping an eye out on tricks to sell sell sell! My mother always did warn me about the cosmetic departments, once they sell you that smokey eye kit they always try to push the matching mascara…