The Truth About Tea

Branding And Advertising Module

For this mini assignment we were asked to use a marketing tool to evaluate Tea. We had to pick a few teas and look at how they are displayed to the customer, what are there selling points? What makes them individual to other competitors? What is the difference in price?

We have been asked to follow the “Four P’s”, Product, Place, Price and Promotion

Here is the first example that been given..

Co-op Own Brand    Tea
Product: Fair trade. Packaged in a standard way. Box quite dull but the Co-op brand and fair trade logo quite prominent    
Place: Available only in Co-op branches. Always stocked and shown next to premium brands.    
Price: Unlike other own brands this is not especially cheap, but the Fair Trade aspect is the explanation, perhaps. Compared with premium brands it is much cheaper.    
Promotion: It is mentioned on the in store radio with the Fair Trade aspect given prominence. Occasionally displayed in its own section on entry to the shop. Press ads will include it among other products but it is never promoted on its own. Occasional money-off vouchers.

Tetely Tea
Product:  Plain paper packaging has classic characters that have developed along with the brand (recently been re-introduced). Quite bold colours that catch your eye compared to other packaging. Rainforest alliance certified, logo on the packaging. Quite a variation of products in Tetley range.
Place:  On offer stand in between aisles. Can be found in most supermarkets, a universal brand.
Price:  £2.27 for 80 bags. Average price.
Promotion:  The teabags are on offer 160 bags for £4. Sale promotions also give 50% extra free.
Twinings Tea
Product: Higher brand. A bit more expensive than other brands. More modern packaging. Many different ranges within twinings. All about taste, can go online and get two free tester tea bags.
Place: Can be found in most super markets, seen as a promotional offer with one product of the range. Twinings range takes over a large range of shelf space in tea aisle.
Price: Prices are slightly higher, Everyday tea £2.99 for 80 bags. Flavoured teas such as earl grey (mmmm..), camomile, lemon and ginger and peppermint teas are reduced in price for offer, smaller packs.
Promotion: Flavoured camomile tea is in offer aisle. other offers are available in yes aisle. Price drops of 50p.
PG tips
Product: Packaging is cardboard, has imagery of tea leaf, have a pyramid teabag which is unique. Have a Monkey character which is famous (appeared on a wedding cake when I used to work as a waitress at functions, the first gift the groom ever bought the bride! How cute, tea can bring people together!) Also rainforest alliance certified, has frog logo.
Place: One shelf in tea aisle, maybe not as well sought after as others?
Price: £2.49 for 80 bags, not too bad but Tetley is cheaper.. (The student in me is coming out)
Promotion: Saw no promotion for PG tips in store, only found in tea aisle.
Clipper Organic tea
Product: Like it says on the tin its organic. Slightly more funky packaging. Have a lot of flavours. A rival to Twinings?
Place: Picked Clipper as I haven’t quit seen it before, the packaging interested me. Maybe not so available to stores. More rare and in selected larger superstores.
Price: Maybe more for being organic £2.99 for 80 bags of gold clipper
Promotion: Green tea dropped in price from £2.79 to £2.00. Is there a problem shifting flavoured teas? seems to be a trend here. Loads of shelf space to advertise in tea section.