Summer Project

Over the summer we were asked to produce a sketchbook of work. We were given two options.

Option A


Produce a portfolio of drawing from a source/s of your choosing.


Use this project to :

Improve your drawing skills, powers of observation, powers of visual interpretation, explore the use and handling of media (or combinations of media), develop an individual ‘style’ or approach, to feel confident about mark making.


No less than 10 A2 drawings or pages of drawn information.


Option B


Produce a research sketchbook  / journal (A3 format) that explores a particular aspect of (or related to) design / textile design.


This could be an exploration of colour, pattern, composition, structure, surface manipulation, fashion or interior related outcomes. 


Or, it could focus on an aspect of ‘the business’ side of textiles ie. the work of a particular designer or company, trend forecasting, retail, the media. 


Or it could focus on one of the many ‘issues’ which affect / will affect design in the 21st century ie.  the global market, industrialisation,  new technologies and materials, sustainability, ethical design, co-design or the social economic issues affecting ‘our’ industry. 


I decided to go for option B and research into colour and composition. At first I had no idea where i would get my inspiration from, I played about with block colours and shapes. I then decided to base my project on fences after taking some photos outside. My project became very linear. I continued developing my drawings, I began using palettes of faded blues and greens. The shapes then adapted into circular forms after more photographs of stacked logs. I then developed this further by combining the linear and the circular in my compositions. Heres a few of my sketchbook pages.