Fawlty Towers

I watched Fawlty Towers for the first time with my flat mate. I heard it was really funny so I decided it was time I gave it a go. There are only two series of 6 episodes. We watched series 1 episode 1.

Strangely this episode related to my recent talk on the power of research in branding and marketing. On thursday we were discussing the use of research when trying to promote or sell a product, where would you place your product? Who are you advertising to? Who is the consumer? Placement of advertising is essential in business, you must try to reach your target customer. In episode 1 Basil’ wife complains that he placed an advertisement in a upper-class magazine that cost them £40 pounds. Basil claims it was a smart move as he wants Fawltys lodgers to be more posh/well-mannered/ traveled/rich, she however thought it was a waste of money and time. If you watch the episode you will soon see Basil’s ideology of the perfect clientele unravels into chaos.

Also during our thursday lecture we were told about the John Cleese and the Sainsburys case study. This is famous in Advertising for being a branding fail. Sainsburys decided to used John Cleese’s character of Basil Fawlty from Fawlty towers for their advertising campaign. This however drastically plummeted their sales. Basil Fawlty is a funny and famous character within Fawlty Towers, however his character did not seem suitable for advertising a family friendly Sainsburys. People felt Basils character seemed a bit of a bully from the way he was betrayed in the adverts. This caused customers to avoid Sainsburys for condoning this behaviour, this mistake took Sainsburys a few years to get their customers and sales back, all with the help of Jamie Oliver.


3 thoughts on “Fawlty Towers

  1. Jonathan Baldwin says:

    Well there you go – if you get nothing else out of the module, you discovered a comedy classic…

    In the days before home video I used to listen to LP recordings of some of the episodes. Takes me back.

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