Trip To Glasgow

On Thursday we were taken to Glasgow for our Branding and Advertising module. We were asked to look at the branding and advertising methods used by shops within the Merchant city. How do they relate to other part of Glasgow? What kind of shops are there within this area? What kind of people would be attracted there/ shop there? What is the layout like etc. We were dropped off at George square and started our trip at the GoMA museum at Royal exchange square.

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We decided to soak up some of the modern art before moving on. Just outside the GoMA gallery is the famous statue of the Duke of Wellington. This statue is famous for always have a cone placed on the Dukes head, no matter how many times it has been removed by the council and police the good people of Glasgow always make sure it creeps its way back onto his head. It’s a funny landmark and a useful guide when your lost.

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The Royal exchange square is very modern and very well-kept. it has a few bars and the famous DiMaggio’s located within the square surrounding the MoMA art gallery and library. The GoMA gallery has roman like pillars showcasing it as a central feature. The square is a social place, there is always people passing through and its all hustle and bustle at night. There is a canopy of fairy lights which light up at night all year round, they are very pretty to look at on a dark night and also make the square look amazing.

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Next we went into the shop All Saints. The shops window display is made up of what seems like hundreds of old singer sewing machines. The interior within the shop is very industrial and modern. All Saints appears to a younger age range with its grungy apparel at high prices. The lighting is very dim and the shop looks almost rustic vintage. This All Saints is located just off the Royal Exchange Square on the street leading to Buchanan street which is one of the busiest and central streets in Glasgow.

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Then to the lighthouse! Its quite hidden but a must see if you come to visit also located just off Buchanan street. The building has a high tower which you can climb 105 steps to see an amazing view of Glasgow. There are some exhibits about the famous works and unbuilt designs by Charles Rennie Mackintosh. There are also some current exhibits, we decided to take a look at some of designer Laura Springs work, there were some cool kite like prints floating up the walls along with the escalator on the ascending journey.

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The dreaded stairs to the top of the lighthouse …

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I happened to discover a fear of heights I never knew I had…
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We ventured to Princes Square on Buchanan street, this shopping centre is quite posh, there is a Vivienne Westwood shop (we made sure to have a look in there, for research purposes of course!) There is a Kurt Geiger, French Connection, Lacoste, Ted Baker and loads more… This centre is more designer based. It also has some posh tapas bars up stairs (first time I tried sword fish, yuck!) Princes Square has an iron peacock design on the face of the building that spreads across the whole front wall, the building looks very ornate which ties in well with its feature shops.

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Finally we couldn’t resist Frasers. Which brings me to the window display, as you can see the Brad Pitt poster for Chanel. My mother complains about this Chanel advertisement as apparently Brad got paid 6 million dollars for a few minutes of his time, she also added “He doesn’t even look like he’s washed his face”. I decided to add in this comment because i find it quite funny that he is representing Chanel a chic french designer brand with a rustic hippy look, the opposite to their well-groomed simple persona. But then again it is Brad Pitt… Frasers contains loads of designer brands,it is located just across from the entrance to Princes square also on Buchanan street. This lower end of Buchanan street contains loads of expensive and exclusive stores.

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On entrance to Frasers you are greeted with a huge split staircase with rich red carpet, the entrance is also where the make up and perfume stands are so there’s a lovely aroma that hits you when you walk in. There is a Chanel, Mac, Clinque, Bobbi Brown and a whole other floor filled with all the different brands. They also had the christmas decorations up which was dazzling hanging from the high ceilings. I was spritzed with Agent Provocateur perfume en route to the bag section, so I continued feeling that little bit higher in the social ladder when walking into the Prada handbag section. We were scared to touch anything incase it ended up costing us a years tuition fees. There was also a Mulberry corner selling their famous leather bags and satchels. Frasers is a place where a student on a budget can dream but leave empty-handed smelling nice. Overall I was able to view a range of shopping centres and places in surrounding glasgow streets. I was also able to take Errin on a tour of my local city which was fun as my sense of direction is usually awful, the day was a success!

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