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So it has begun, the photo shoot for our Lego man idea to kickstart students into volunteering. The Lego man has a quirky and recognisable character. I was able to purchase a few builder Lego men on Ebay for a good price, plus I also have a valid excuse to own Lego men! So I started off by using one single character and playing around with the builders tools he came with. I purchased this group of Lego men because the tools they came with relate to some tools you would use for volunteer work; coffee, broom, binoculars, radio, axe and saw (well maybe, once they get to know you).

20121105-072029 PM.jpg

The tagline for this image would be “Build Your Character”, promoting the range of volunteer opportunities and skills that can be gained from volunteering as a student. The volunteer website would also be shown at the bottom of the poster. Once we have decided what poster to use we would then create a smaller leaflet/ flyer. We want to think od something different from and average paper slip, maybe something interactive or 3D?

20121105-072037 PM.jpg

A group of Lego citizens doing their volunteer jobs well, we could perhaps Photoshop the word volunteer on their clothing so that the poster is identifiable but not too overwhelming. People always seem pressured when it comes to volunteering, big bold “Volunteer!” might be off-putting.

20121105-072044 PM.jpg

20121105-072051 PM.jpg

More Lego men photos,

20121105-072100 PM.jpg

The original idea for our “Build your Character” concept. The physical act of building the Lego man is related in the transition of building a better life experience with skills you can learn from volunteering.

20121105-072107 PM.jpg

Another quick idea i thought would be fun “Stay Cool, Volunteer”. I just like the mans shades.

20121105-072114 PM.jpg

Hopefully we will be able to use these as a starting point for our main idea.

One thought on “Lego Man Photoshoot

  1. Jonathan Baldwin says:

    If you have time, get a light diffuser from the store and a white “tent” (I can’t remember the technical term!) – you put what you’re photographing inside the tent and switch on a light with the diffuser, and you end up with a completely white background you can use for cut-outs etc…
    Malcolm Finnie might be able to show you what to do unless you have a photographer on your team… (or know one!)

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