Design and The Market Module

We have recently started our new module “Design and the Market”. The module will prove to be very useful as it is aimed at showing us how to effectively create new contacts and eventually start drafting a possible a business plan for our futures in the design industry. An area in which I need serious help.

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What skills do designers lack the most? Three main areas are; business management, understanding businesses/ clients and verbal communications of ideas.

For our first assignment we were asked to contact an entrepreneur of our choosing who has started or has already established a business in our creative trades. Once we have contacted them, we have then been asked to conduct an interview with them in person. We will be asking questions based around their own business plan, how they got where they are, their own personal experience, any tips they could recommend to other budding designers and most importantly why they decided to do it. As a textile student we have split into groups of four and together we must decide who we should contact. We are all aware a person who runs a business or is starting a business will be VERY busy, we can only hope for a reply in order to start any correspondence. Once we have chosen our designer relevant to our own specialism, we have been asked to present our findings as a group back to the class via a presentation, everyone’s chosen designer will be different, some from major companies and other may be independently run. It will be interesting to see how everyone get on and what feedback they manage to get from their own interviews. We will learn how to approach current designers in a professional manner (you only get one chance), how to make successfully connections, how to conduct an efficient interview (what questions to ask and what not to ask!) and how to present ourselves in a serious light when representing ourselves as eager textile designers.

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