rococo design research


For my upcoming final year project my first point of research will be on 18th century rococo style . I have always admired the ornate appearance of rococo, made of whimsical, decorative florals and creatures to create a detailed grand finish. Mostly made of pastels and golds the patterns and carvings are organic and asymmetrical. Rococo replaced the rigid geometric shapes of the past century and was heavily centred in 1700s France.

Rococo architecture shows hand carved opulent shapes.


Palace Of Versailles Opens Doors For Night Time Art Show

Looking into some wallpaper samples, the designs are exaggerated and lavish and relate to florals and over drawn shapes that intertwine and connect.

wallpaper Rococo-R00341

The costumes from film “Marie Antoinette” (2006) starring Kirsten Dunst show the extravagance of clothing and lavish interior style of the time. The movie was written and directed by Sofia Coppola and tells the story of France’s iconic but ill-fated queen, Marie Antoinette.



MA5 KD as MA 145863_1000

I have always been fascinated by this period of time. Almost everything appears to be decorated and presented in lavish excessive ways; food, fashion, interiors, style. I like to use collage and patterns in my own designs to make them more decorative. I have a feeling looking into decorative design will suit me perfectly.




Gatsby Inspiration

During the summer Ive been thinking about what to do for my final year project at university which will lead to my degree show next year. I have always been into ornate and patterned surface design. A recent trip to the cinema to see the new Baz Luhrmann film Gatsby has definitely inspired me to look along the lines of old hollywood glamour and into the world of art deco. I was very impressed by the movies visual effects, party atmosphere and edgy urban soundtrack. An ultra modern take on the renowned F. Scott Fitzgerald classic.


The costume and set design were extravagant fitting the decadent era of the 1920’s, to the point where the viewer wanted to jump in and join them! The costumes were floaty and sparkling with pearls and diamonds completed with a cocktail glass. The soundtrack includes Lana Del Ray, and a Beyconce and Andre 3000 cover of Amy Winehouse’s single “Back to Black” .



 I started to look into art deco design via Pinterest as I could make mood boards all day,

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I have always loved using metallic’s and bold colour in my designs, the art deco era definitely exuberates all that is glamour and detail to excess. I am feeling inspired and ready to get started on creating!

Internship with Aimee Kent

I recently started my internship with Glasgow based print designer Aimee Kent. I am very excited to see first hand how a textile design studio works and learn more about the daily running of a business. Aimee is part of the “Starter for 6” programme set up by the Cultural Enterprise Scotland, a premier start-up and investment programme for creative industry entrepreneurs. Her studio is based in Osbourne street in Glasgow city centre.


Aimee’s business values focus around ethical and sustainable screen print production. She hand prints using environmentally friendly dyes and organic sourced fabrics. Aimee makes prints for her own collections, as a collaboration with other designers/makers and as requested commissions. Her print designs are versatile and fit into both the interior and fashion sector. Aimee’s brand successfully fills the gap in the Scottish textile market for quirky and contemporary textiles that are responsibly sourced.

pattern-item-9    pattern-item-8

pattern-item-7   pattern-item-4

pattern-item-2    pattern-item-1

“Aimee’s abstract, drawings and mark making techniques, produce eye-catching prints with a bold, distinct, almost tribal style. Aimee creates energetic abstract patterns and finds inspiration from her childhood in Kenya as well as travel and foreign architecture.”


Here is Aimee’s website with more information about her designs,

Sanna Annukka

I have recently fell in love with some of the designs by designer and printmaker Sanna Annukka. Her work reflects on landscapes and stories, a bit like a whimsical folklore fairytale. She takes her inspiration from her heritage and time spend in Finland as a child. Her work is very colourful and vibrant and she creates beautiful patterns. She has also worked for Finnish design company Marrimekko, here are some examples of her work that I admire,





Kanteleen_Kutsu_Set_xmas by sanna annukka


sanna_annukka_01_marimekko_check blog


Summer Inspiration

I have started to gather some research for my 4th year project at university which will lead onto my degree show. I have decided to look into summery colours and patterns to start off with, here are some of my images from my mood board.

Colour Forecasts From The Ultrabright


Fall/Winter 2012

Reds and Pinks