Lego Man Photoshoot

Advertising and Branding

Re-branding Volunteering

So it has begun, the photo shoot for our Lego man idea to kickstart students into volunteering. The Lego man has a quirky and recognisable character. I was able to purchase a few builder Lego men on Ebay for a good price, plus I also have a valid excuse to own Lego men! So I started off by using one single character and playing around with the builders tools he came with. I purchased this group of Lego men because the tools they came with relate to some tools you would use for volunteer work; coffee, broom, binoculars, radio, axe and saw (well maybe, once they get to know you).

20121105-072029 PM.jpg

The tagline for this image would be “Build Your Character”, promoting the range of volunteer opportunities and skills that can be gained from volunteering as a student. The volunteer website would also be shown at the bottom of the poster. Once we have decided what poster to use we would then create a smaller leaflet/ flyer. We want to think od something different from and average paper slip, maybe something interactive or 3D?

20121105-072037 PM.jpg

A group of Lego citizens doing their volunteer jobs well, we could perhaps Photoshop the word volunteer on their clothing so that the poster is identifiable but not too overwhelming. People always seem pressured when it comes to volunteering, big bold “Volunteer!” might be off-putting.

20121105-072044 PM.jpg

20121105-072051 PM.jpg

More Lego men photos,

20121105-072100 PM.jpg

The original idea for our “Build your Character” concept. The physical act of building the Lego man is related in the transition of building a better life experience with skills you can learn from volunteering.

20121105-072107 PM.jpg

Another quick idea i thought would be fun “Stay Cool, Volunteer”. I just like the mans shades.

20121105-072114 PM.jpg

Hopefully we will be able to use these as a starting point for our main idea.

Fawlty Towers

I watched Fawlty Towers for the first time with my flat mate. I heard it was really funny so I decided it was time I gave it a go. There are only two series of 6 episodes. We watched series 1 episode 1.

Strangely this episode related to my recent talk on the power of research in branding and marketing. On thursday we were discussing the use of research when trying to promote or sell a product, where would you place your product? Who are you advertising to? Who is the consumer? Placement of advertising is essential in business, you must try to reach your target customer. In episode 1 Basil’ wife complains that he placed an advertisement in a upper-class magazine that cost them £40 pounds. Basil claims it was a smart move as he wants Fawltys lodgers to be more posh/well-mannered/ traveled/rich, she however thought it was a waste of money and time. If you watch the episode you will soon see Basil’s ideology of the perfect clientele unravels into chaos.

Also during our thursday lecture we were told about the John Cleese and the Sainsburys case study. This is famous in Advertising for being a branding fail. Sainsburys decided to used John Cleese’s character of Basil Fawlty from Fawlty towers for their advertising campaign. This however drastically plummeted their sales. Basil Fawlty is a funny and famous character within Fawlty Towers, however his character did not seem suitable for advertising a family friendly Sainsburys. People felt Basils character seemed a bit of a bully from the way he was betrayed in the adverts. This caused customers to avoid Sainsburys for condoning this behaviour, this mistake took Sainsburys a few years to get their customers and sales back, all with the help of Jamie Oliver.


Pareto Principle

I have recently been introduced to a new rule which can be adapted to any situation. The Pareto Principle also known as the 80:20 rule. This is a common rule in business and can be used to show statistics. Think of any situation and this can be used… eg

80% of the time I use 20% of my clothes.

As much as I want to deny this, its true. I always try to filter down my clothing, the old “If I haven’t worn it in the past 6 months then I should consider throwing it out”. This however causes me to think of scenarios where I find I will in fact NEED this item. There still there, resting on their hangers.

80% of the time I will eat the 20% of food that I know I like.

Nothing wrong with sticking to something you like? There are loads of selections for a lunchtime menu, soups, salads, the loyal sandwich but I cant seem to tear myself away from my beloved fish fingers.

80% of the time I contact 20% of the contacts on my phone.

Why is it that there is always at least one person in our phonebook that we have no reason to keep in contact with yet we keep their phone number? I still ave my driving instructors number, ive been driving for three years now? The list accumulates over time and yet I rarely contact these people.

This rule applies in business

80%of the time you will make profit for 20% of your customers

80% of the time complaints come from 20% of your customers

80% of your sales come from 20% of your products

If 20% of your customers are most of your profit then it would be wise to keep them happy, keep them coming back, you its good to focus on this percentage of people.

Most companies create a loyalty card. This usually includes discount offers, money off or in Nando’s case a free chicken. Keeping these customers happy is a wise move in marketing and business.

The Truth About Tea

Branding And Advertising Module

For this mini assignment we were asked to use a marketing tool to evaluate Tea. We had to pick a few teas and look at how they are displayed to the customer, what are there selling points? What makes them individual to other competitors? What is the difference in price?

We have been asked to follow the “Four P’s”, Product, Place, Price and Promotion

Here is the first example that been given..

Co-op Own Brand    Tea
Product: Fair trade. Packaged in a standard way. Box quite dull but the Co-op brand and fair trade logo quite prominent    
Place: Available only in Co-op branches. Always stocked and shown next to premium brands.    
Price: Unlike other own brands this is not especially cheap, but the Fair Trade aspect is the explanation, perhaps. Compared with premium brands it is much cheaper.    
Promotion: It is mentioned on the in store radio with the Fair Trade aspect given prominence. Occasionally displayed in its own section on entry to the shop. Press ads will include it among other products but it is never promoted on its own. Occasional money-off vouchers.

Tetely Tea
Product:  Plain paper packaging has classic characters that have developed along with the brand (recently been re-introduced). Quite bold colours that catch your eye compared to other packaging. Rainforest alliance certified, logo on the packaging. Quite a variation of products in Tetley range.
Place:  On offer stand in between aisles. Can be found in most supermarkets, a universal brand.
Price:  £2.27 for 80 bags. Average price.
Promotion:  The teabags are on offer 160 bags for £4. Sale promotions also give 50% extra free.
Twinings Tea
Product: Higher brand. A bit more expensive than other brands. More modern packaging. Many different ranges within twinings. All about taste, can go online and get two free tester tea bags.
Place: Can be found in most super markets, seen as a promotional offer with one product of the range. Twinings range takes over a large range of shelf space in tea aisle.
Price: Prices are slightly higher, Everyday tea £2.99 for 80 bags. Flavoured teas such as earl grey (mmmm..), camomile, lemon and ginger and peppermint teas are reduced in price for offer, smaller packs.
Promotion: Flavoured camomile tea is in offer aisle. other offers are available in yes aisle. Price drops of 50p.
PG tips
Product: Packaging is cardboard, has imagery of tea leaf, have a pyramid teabag which is unique. Have a Monkey character which is famous (appeared on a wedding cake when I used to work as a waitress at functions, the first gift the groom ever bought the bride! How cute, tea can bring people together!) Also rainforest alliance certified, has frog logo.
Place: One shelf in tea aisle, maybe not as well sought after as others?
Price: £2.49 for 80 bags, not too bad but Tetley is cheaper.. (The student in me is coming out)
Promotion: Saw no promotion for PG tips in store, only found in tea aisle.
Clipper Organic tea
Product: Like it says on the tin its organic. Slightly more funky packaging. Have a lot of flavours. A rival to Twinings?
Place: Picked Clipper as I haven’t quit seen it before, the packaging interested me. Maybe not so available to stores. More rare and in selected larger superstores.
Price: Maybe more for being organic £2.99 for 80 bags of gold clipper
Promotion: Green tea dropped in price from £2.79 to £2.00. Is there a problem shifting flavoured teas? seems to be a trend here. Loads of shelf space to advertise in tea section.