Hestons Fanstastical food

Yesterday I decided  to watch scientist/chef Heston Blumenthal’s fantastical food. This week Heston was looking into the Great British “Tea Break”. A time when workers can bond over a cuppa during their lunch hour. Heston wanted to recreate the childhood experience of dunking biscuits into tea. He wanted to so this on a mega scale!

He wanted to make a huge teapot full of tea for everyone, everyone in East Lancashire to be precise. He also wanted to create a triple layer biscuit to dunk into the tea. Heston came up with the dilemma of creating a gigantic teabag that wouldn’t burst when absorbing water. It was a really quirky experiment which I though was entertaining to watch.

As for deciding what biscuit to recreate he gathered the public to take the “Dunk test”. This test consisted of two famous branded biscuits going head to head each round, which biscuit could survive the most dunks into a hot cuppa tea. The winner was the renound chocolate digestive, it managed to beat the jammy dodger, bourbon, malted milk and a few more.

The science behind the digestive was the chocolate layer, when the biscuit base absorbs the tea the chocolate top holds the biscuit together.

The next step was to re-create this winning biscuit x 1000. Heston decided to visit the McVitties factory where he could see how the digestive was made. A manager at the factory assured him this formation of a monster biscuit digestive could not be done. So instead it was plan B where he would create a new biscuit containing all of the classic favourites digestive, ginger nut crunch and the hobnob.

But that’s not weird enough for Heston he wanted to make a tea puree of afternoon snacks, he covered cherrybake wells in black tea then sieved to make a thick consistency, he did the same with a chocolate cake, a lemon slice and wait for it… a cucumber sandwich! (Yuck!) the tea flavouring appeared to get lost among the taste of all the sweets.

The idea was to recreate the flavour as a gel pod which could float inside the tea. This is where I learned something new, apparently some brands of onion rings are filled with an onion flavoured gel instead of actual onions, the gel is injected into the batter as an onion substitute.

Believe it or not but this same gel flavoured differently is used in a good few products. The gel is made to resemble peppers and stuffed inside the jarred olives, if you cut open the olive you will see the gel form isn’t a pepper at all!

You learn something new everyday!

Luckily the tea break went to plan and the town of Darwin got their tea and biscuits as well as the flavour infused tea with the gel drops.  Next episode Heston tries to make a meal out of gum sweets and the worlds biggest pack of Rolo’s!

Who Doesn’t Know Kevin Bacon?

Recently when at the cinema to see the new Bond film “Skyfall”, I was surprised when this advert came on representing the new EE ad. Last Year for our Change By Design module we were asked to read “The Tipping Point”. In the Tipping point Malcolm Gladwell explains how everything is connected by 6 degrees. For this example he uses the actor Kevin Bacon.

In the advert Kevin Bacon uses Gladwell’s theory using himself to connect to a dog called Rover! He explains how he is connected to the dog through a long string of actors and tv shows which I thought was quite funny. When this advert came on I was a little more excited than what I should have been, but so glad I knew exactly what he was talking about and had a little smug smile to myself!

Lego Man Photoshoot

Advertising and Branding

Re-branding Volunteering

So it has begun, the photo shoot for our Lego man idea to kickstart students into volunteering. The Lego man has a quirky and recognisable character. I was able to purchase a few builder Lego men on Ebay for a good price, plus I also have a valid excuse to own Lego men! So I started off by using one single character and playing around with the builders tools he came with. I purchased this group of Lego men because the tools they came with relate to some tools you would use for volunteer work; coffee, broom, binoculars, radio, axe and saw (well maybe, once they get to know you).

20121105-072029 PM.jpg

The tagline for this image would be “Build Your Character”, promoting the range of volunteer opportunities and skills that can be gained from volunteering as a student. The volunteer website would also be shown at the bottom of the poster. Once we have decided what poster to use we would then create a smaller leaflet/ flyer. We want to think od something different from and average paper slip, maybe something interactive or 3D?

20121105-072037 PM.jpg

A group of Lego citizens doing their volunteer jobs well, we could perhaps Photoshop the word volunteer on their clothing so that the poster is identifiable but not too overwhelming. People always seem pressured when it comes to volunteering, big bold “Volunteer!” might be off-putting.

20121105-072044 PM.jpg

20121105-072051 PM.jpg

More Lego men photos,

20121105-072100 PM.jpg

The original idea for our “Build your Character” concept. The physical act of building the Lego man is related in the transition of building a better life experience with skills you can learn from volunteering.

20121105-072107 PM.jpg

Another quick idea i thought would be fun “Stay Cool, Volunteer”. I just like the mans shades.

20121105-072114 PM.jpg

Hopefully we will be able to use these as a starting point for our main idea.

Pure Dead Brilliant Scottish Words

Drinking out of my “glaikit” mug I decided to do a post on funny Scottish words. To make the explanation more profound I have decided to combine these words with images of cats explaining the meaning. I have chosen cats because they seem to have amazing facial expressions and they make me laugh. Enjoy…


This is usually an insult, my friend gave me my mug and said it reminded her of me. Thanks for that. “Glaikit” is usually an adjective used to describe some one who looks vacant, stupid, idiotic or like a fool.


This means miserable, grumpy, moody, angry, snappy.


Means happy, over joyed, proud, pleased with yourself.


This is a reference to a person, meaning they are lazy, not pulling their weight, work shy, slacker.


Means, chit-chat, talking, gossiping, someone who talks a lot would be “a blether”.


Drunk, intoxicated, wasted, smashed, basically had too much alcohol.


This phrase is usually used to describe someone who has done something stupid, idiotic, demonstrates lack of knowledge. Or an absent-minded or unwise person.


scrap means a fight, brawl, physical fight.


To be upset, cry, become emotional.


This means proud, confident, cocky, arrogant, smug.


Unwashed, dirty, filthy, unclean,greasy, icky, unkept.

Public Art That Brightens Your Day

For my partnership and connections module I have picked “The Good Journey”. The aim of my brief if to make people’s daily commute easier/better/more enjoyable in a textile form. While researching I decided to look at existing public art that leave an impression and in some cases a smile…

Chris Burden‘s “Urban Light,” located in front of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.

Jan Vormann, Lego Wall Repairs in Bocchignano in Italy

Olafur Eliasson Waterfalls, Brooklyn Bridge (Waterfalls displayed in and around New York)

Banksy, Wall in Hollywood LA


Jacob Hashimoto’s aluminum-tile, tapestry-like sculpture. The Andaz Hotel in West Hollywood.

Glasgow based Artist Jim Lambie, floors with  everyday vinyl tape

The Glue Society, ‘Sculpture by the Sea’ art event in Australia in 2006

Christo and Jeanne Claude, The Gates Central Park

Jack Sanders, Robert Gay and Butch Anthony,  Arlington County in Virginia. 

Tetris instalations, Abercrombie Lane, Sydney Australia

Andy Goldsworhty, Enviromental artist

Jason de Caires, Under water sculptures