Spring and Autumnal Florals 2014


20140522-101835-am-37115071.jpgSpring and Autumnal Florals


For my final year collection I have produced two floral based ‘stories’ for the domestic interiors market. I chose florals as my theme as I feel they are traditional, timeless and can be constantly revived in new contemporary ways. The first collection I have created is associated with Spring’s whimsical florals with a light and fresh colour palette. The second is Autumnal florals with a darker and rich Baroque palette. I have created a range of wallpaper designs and fabric lengths to complement each other and show how they can be applied to a range of homeware products and interior outcomes.

My collections were initially inspired by the Baroque and Rococo period. For my Autumnal collection I was inspired by the opulent and organic style of florals of this time. I also looked into the work of painter and print maker Elizabeth Blackadder for my spring designs; I created my own watercolour studies and arranged them into various repeat patterns suited for wallpapers. I would like my collections to have a historical sense of nostalgia with a contemporary twist. I have also researched wallpaper designs created by William Morris and compared them to more contemporary designs from Liberty, Designers Guild and Bluebellgrey.

I would like my print designs to be detailed and precise therefore they would be suitable for digital printing. In terms of fabric choice I have looked into different types of cottons which are suited to the interiors combined with some shantung silk samples. I have also created 3 larger scale samples as showpieces which sit alongside my smaller fabric lengths and paperwork.

Autumnal Digital Print Samples




Spring Digital Print Samples





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