Monty Python For Hallmark

After my previous internship at Hallmark creative studio based in Bradford I was able to be contacted by stationary shop Paperchase with a brief to create a range of animal based christmas cards for their 2014 christmas collection. The designs were available to buy in store and online. I was very excited to have my designs sold in Paperchase, I have always enjoyed shopping there and admired their range of quirky products and cards.




Hallmark Creative issued Duncan of Jordanstone textile students a Monty Python’s Flying Circus themed brief. The outcome was to produce a range of paper designs that could be adapted for either cards, gift wrap or box designs. I created a range of surreal quirky animal characters for card designs, I felt this related to the random exaggerated humour that is Monty Python. As a result of this project I was given the opportunity to gain a two-week internship working at Hallmark Creative based in Bradford. During my time at Hallmark I was able to create a range of development boards which allowed my designs to be chosen by stationery shop Paperchase. I was approached to create a  selection of box/bag designs for their stores Christmas collection, my designs will be available to purchase in Paperchase stores later in the year.

Some patterned gift wrap samples,

Hallmark Sample 1  Hallmark Sample 4

Hallmark samples 2  Hallmark Samples 3

Some character designs including; Hungry Wolf, Larry Llama and Overly Disguised Walrus.



misunderstood-wilson-wolf  wanda-baywatch

flamingo-kick  walrus-photoshop

flamingo-husband  fabulous-wanda

wine-bag pattern-bag-1

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