Hallmark characters

ens card 2 llama face

“Hey You” Llama

jens card llama body


wolf repeat

Hungry Wolf

pattern disguised walrus

Extremely disguised Walrus

20130405-031612 PM.jpg

20130405-031626 PM.jpg

20130405-031642 PM.jpg


Photoshop Patterns

I have created some animal illustration characters for my hallmark project. We have been asked to make and create an outcome in the form of cards, wrapping paper or any gift products, using Monty Python as the inspiration. I used the crazy patterns from the animation introduction as my starting point. Being a textile designer I focused on patterns and decided to create my own, I’ve found my project has taken its own spin on things. For my next stage I might look into some surrealism to create a narrative in my cards and gift products, I want to create a collection of gift products that fit together with a quirky kitsch edge.

llama sample




photoshop sample pattern


sample 2 finish



sample 3



sample 4