Hallmark Two Week Project

We have just started our two-week project for Hallmark Card Company, the theme is based on Monty Pythons flying Circus. We have been asked to create a paper gift concept of our choosing, either a card, wrapping paper or box like package for gifts. First I began looking into surrealism as Monty Python the sketch show has many unusual juxtapositions which could be translated well into a paper idea. We also have to consider the market we are designing for, is it a special occasion and for who? What life stage are they? are they buying for others?

I have been looking for any interesting images that may spark an idea, here are some that I have gathered so far.

The idea of Story Telling

Robert The





Brian Dettmer





Noriko Ambe





Peter Callesen





Drawing Styles

Rob Ryan

Ryan - Give Me Work couresy of TAG Fine Arts rob-ryan rob_ryan_My_Home_original_Papercut 6a01053659f647970b01348044d412970c-800wi

Noah Butkus


Marco Cibola




Claire Scully

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Owen Gatley

“‘Pop-Up Book’, This pop-up book follows a small boy’s daily walk with his dog. No sooner have they set out, when the boy’s imagination takes them over and allows them to visit distant lands. As the book progresses the magical dog turns into different animals taking the boy through dramatic landscapes, only to return home safely at the end of it all.”


Photoshopped Textile Designs

Here are some samples from my new sketchbook based on colour. I have been experimenting with shapes and colour on photo shop,

sdc sample 7


I decided to experiment without the harsh black outlines and used block colours instead.

final sample 4

sdc main sample 1

sdc main sample 3

sdc sample 2

Final Boards

Here are the outcomes of my 4 week Bradford project, I choose the combined processes brief which allowed me to include some stitching into my dyed fabrics. I also added gold foils with the help of the heat press. The final product would be used as a garment for the fashion market, I thought a scarf would be best as you would be able to see the fine details and reflection of the foils with the fabric being ruffled around the neck.

20130207-020424 PM.jpg

20130207-020436 PM.jpg

Summer Project Continued

Here are some new collage images from my sketchbook where I have decided to carry on my summer project. In my summer project I decided to look into fencing and cut logs, this resulted in circular and linear collages. I have added a gold and metallic colour pattern and hope to add embroidery including beads and stitching.I looked into previous artists, including some work from the Vienna Succession movement; Gustav Klimt and Egon Schiele. There work appealed to me as it is very ornate in selected areas and combine metallic patterns and simple lines.


Some paintings by Gustav Klimt,




Some paintings and sketches by Egon Schiele,




egon schiele 4

egon schiele 1

Some of my more simpler collages, I wanted to make the patterns detailed but simple so that I can add extra embroidery and more detail later on.


Scan 3

Scan 4

Scan 5

Scan 6

Scan 7

Scan 8

Scan 9 Scan 10

Border Crossing Developments

For my project 3 in my Border Crossing Project we have been asked to look into Slovenian culture. By chatting to Slovenian art students on a set up correspondence website “Ning” and images online. I decided to focus on a nautical theme. From some of my first drawings of architecture I started to draw boats on the barges in Ljubljana. I then made mood boards and colour palettes related to my finding, here is what I have come up with so far,

Claire Coles

I have recently been looking at designer Claire Coles embroidered textile prints and artworks. Having just done a mixed media week, I am in love with her work. The detail she is able to put into her stitched samples are amazing. I like the vintage feel of her designs, the use of mixed materials and colours are feminine and delicate. She also has stitched wallpaper, all embroidered! Time for a change of scenery in my room I think!