Britt Bass Turner

I recently found the work of Atlanta artist Britt Bass Turner via my design Instagram page. I like her abstract use of bold colour and different textures she creates in her paintings. Her new geo series collection of canvas paintings are all unique and showcase her painterly style and geometric compositions.

britt brass mood board

Kate Pugsley

Another artist that I found on Etsy that I like is Kate Pugsley. I love her muted colour palette and the compositions of her prints. They are fun quirky and beautifully put together.

Kate Pugsley

Public Art That Brightens Your Day

For my partnership and connections module I have picked “The Good Journey”. The aim of my brief if to make people’s daily commute easier/better/more enjoyable in a textile form. While researching I decided to look at existing public art that leave an impression and in some cases a smile…

Chris Burden‘s “Urban Light,” located in front of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.

Jan Vormann, Lego Wall Repairs in Bocchignano in Italy

Olafur Eliasson Waterfalls, Brooklyn Bridge (Waterfalls displayed in and around New York)

Banksy, Wall in Hollywood LA


Jacob Hashimoto’s aluminum-tile, tapestry-like sculpture. The Andaz Hotel in West Hollywood.

Glasgow based Artist Jim Lambie, floors with  everyday vinyl tape

The Glue Society, ‘Sculpture by the Sea’ art event in Australia in 2006

Christo and Jeanne Claude, The Gates Central Park

Jack Sanders, Robert Gay and Butch Anthony,  Arlington County in Virginia. 

Tetris instalations, Abercrombie Lane, Sydney Australia

Andy Goldsworhty, Enviromental artist

Jason de Caires, Under water sculptures

Natural Pattern Progress

For my Natural Pattern project in textiles I have decided to go with pigeons and explore feathers through colour and collage. Through research and drawings from D’Arcy Thompson and the McManus Museum I was able to get a head start and collect a few drawings of birds which could help me relate to the texture, layout and variation of feathers on birds and the natural pattern they create. I am struggling with colour, I wanted to mask the dirty black colour that overwhelms a pigeons feathers with a more diluted grey. I wanted to focus on the colours of feathers on the neck of a pigeon and how they are compacted and ruffled and create and amazing shine.

I started with some collage of mixed coloured paper, after a few continuous line drawings I felt that by using only block colours without the harsh outline of a black pen I would be able to see what colours are coming through and where they are placed. The variation of size of the feathers vary and on a closer inspection they are very detailed and specifically placed to allow movement.

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