Natural Pattern Progress

For my Natural Pattern project in textiles I have decided to go with pigeons and explore feathers through colour and collage. Through research and drawings from D’Arcy Thompson and the McManus Museum I was able to get a head start and collect a few drawings of birds which could help me relate to the texture, layout and variation of feathers on birds and the natural pattern they create. I am struggling with colour, I wanted to mask the dirty black colour that overwhelms a pigeons feathers with a more diluted grey. I wanted to focus on the colours of feathers on the neck of a pigeon and how they are compacted and ruffled and create and amazing shine.

I started with some collage of mixed coloured paper, after a few continuous line drawings I felt that by using only block colours without the harsh outline of a black pen I would be able to see what colours are coming through and where they are placed. The variation of size of the feathers vary and on a closer inspection they are very detailed and specifically placed to allow movement.

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Art By Laura Parker

I have been recently been looking online for some artists research for my natural pattern project, I have now decided that birds and feathers will be my main focus, while looking online for some prints I found an artist called  Laura Parker, I took a look at her website and I was amazed by her illustrations and paintings,

It was this image that grabbed my attention, I found the detail of pattern outstanding. Her illustrations of her pet cat also grabbed my attention , unrealted to my project but still…

I like the glossy flat image that her drawings create, the detail and use of colour are controlled and contrast with the jet black block colour of the cat. I find these drawings quirky and sweet as she captures “Izzy’s” characteristics. Her drawings appear to be a visual diary of a boat trip recording every detail of her travels.

Here are some more drawings, I felt these had a Textile feel with there use of colour and collage,