Kate Pugsley

Another artist that I found on Etsy that I like is Kate Pugsley. I love her muted colour palette and the compositions of her prints. They are fun quirky and beautifully put together.

Kate Pugsley


Studio Project Research

For my final year project at DJCAD I have been looking into ornate design in textiles. I have found some inspiration from Baroque florals and William Morris Wallpaper. I have always been an admirer of extreme patterning and use of gold in design. While developing some of my motifs ready for printing I have started to look into luxury chocolate designs. Upon a recent trip to Marks & Spencers I spotted some beautifully decorated chocolate packaging. There were gold embellished chocolate selection boxes to patterned printed wrappings for the plain chocolate bars, each bar wrapped in a different striking pattern. I found this source of inspiration is useful in terms of branding. Chocolate is described as a luxury product, a gift, something special. This is what I wanted my branded textile collection to be like. Here are a few selected images, including the Marks & Spencers chocolates and some tasty treats I found on Pinterest.

Marks ans Spencers Packaging

Screen Shot 2013-10-25 at 18.18.40

Screen Shot 2013-10-25 at 18.18.59

Screen Shot 2013-10-25 at 18.19.32 Screen Shot 2013-10-25 at 18.19.59

Screen Shot 2013-10-25 at 18.20.23



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Internship with Aimee Kent

I recently started my internship with Glasgow based print designer Aimee Kent. I am very excited to see first hand how a textile design studio works and learn more about the daily running of a business. Aimee is part of the “Starter for 6” programme set up by the Cultural Enterprise Scotland, a premier start-up and investment programme for creative industry entrepreneurs. Her studio is based in Osbourne street in Glasgow city centre.


Aimee’s business values focus around ethical and sustainable screen print production. She hand prints using environmentally friendly dyes and organic sourced fabrics. Aimee makes prints for her own collections, as a collaboration with other designers/makers and as requested commissions. Her print designs are versatile and fit into both the interior and fashion sector. Aimee’s brand successfully fills the gap in the Scottish textile market for quirky and contemporary textiles that are responsibly sourced.

pattern-item-9    pattern-item-8

pattern-item-7   pattern-item-4

pattern-item-2    pattern-item-1

“Aimee’s abstract, drawings and mark making techniques, produce eye-catching prints with a bold, distinct, almost tribal style. Aimee creates energetic abstract patterns and finds inspiration from her childhood in Kenya as well as travel and foreign architecture.”


Here is Aimee’s website with more information about her designs,


Semester 1 Finito!

The Textiles assessments were under way this week, we had to create a space to display our work and samples from our material Matters module. Included was our sketchbooks, presentation boards, life drawings,photoshopped images and  fabric and knit samples that we did in semester 1. It was surprising to see all of our work I had accumulated over a few months, looking around the studio everyone’s work was amazingly presented and looked professional. I found the first semester of second year fun, it was exciting to learn new methods of transferring our designs into textile forms. I still need loads of practise as I had a few hiccups with print, for example when in the dye lab I forgot a key ingredient which caused my half an hour of stirring over a stove to become irrelevant when the dye washed straight our of the fabric! Or in the print room when my colours were so light they could barely been seen, when knitting my fabric sample fell off the entire machine… three times! But I have learned from these mistakes (hopefully) and will take my experiences into semester 2, bring it on!

Context Board – I decided to make Lady Gaga wear my knit samples, One can dream!

My Desk Pre-Assesment, we had to cover our desks in white paper for a professional finish and lay out all our work neatly

My knit samples from my pigeon project

An image from my Drawing sketchbook, some experiments using stitch

My idevelopement board, images that have been taken from my sktchbooks to show my developement process

Inspiration board, images to show the general theme of my project, a Mood board if you like.